Grani-Mar lavorazioni del Marmo
Grani-Mar lavorazioni - Marmi e Graniti
Grani-Mar’s know-how, succeeds in giving countless details at its materials, thereby creats an infinitesimal of possibilities
Is an ancient system for slab’s superficial treatment.

Processing that gives a rustic look to the material, creating a slightly corrugated surface, reducing its slipperiness.
Is a process that works thermically on the surface of the materials, making it scabra.

The flame works at high temperature by vesting the surface to treat, which undergoes to a termal shock around 600°c.
This effect, combined with the immediate water cooling of the surface causes an expansion phenomenon and thermal gap. of quartz and silicon, highlighting the material’s natural color and texture. The treated surfaces therefore seem vetrified, becoming more resistant to atmospheric agents. The flame treatment is applicable to all granites and several marbles.
Surface treatment obtained by a metallic grit, by removing the superficial layer and smoothing it.

Alternatively, for many types of open materials like for example Travertine, we suggest MICRO-SANDBLASTING.
Slabs are finished with abrasive brushes.

It’s an antiquing process and a treatment,combined with a rustic processing to blunt and “smoothen.”
The rifling is characterized by a succession of furrows side by side, executed through diamond blades or a wide range of variable profile tools.
Is an innovative system to treat the slab’s surface.

This system first works sequentially, with sand (sand water jet) or fire slubbing ( slub with water jet ) then, using powerful high pressured water jets, providing to the material a variable roughness according to the pressure, highlighting the natural colours.
The fabric effect is obtained on the slabs surface.
The tramatura generally gives a soft and innovative look to the stone.
The fabric effect is obtained on the slabs surface.
The tramatura generally gives a soft and innovative look to the stone.
The details are similar to natural rocks and splits, reproduced on marble slabs.
The surface con be brushed and smoothen beyond the lose of three-dimentionality.
Manufacture that recalls the wood vein velured.
The surface appears “closed”, easily washable and therefore suitable for kitchens worktops and interior flooring.
Executable on compact marble and granite, excellent on quartizite and agglomerates.
Is the traditional scratching, more elegant and realizable on slabs of any material.
Mechanical Rifling

Mechanical rifling on slabs
  • Rigato
  • Soft Rigato, with brushing addition
  • Rock Rigato, stone effect on a rifling surface.

Executable on stones, marble, granites and agglomerate, with any type of surface.
The revolution of laser on stone.

The revolution of laser on stone for the reproduction of any image.