Grani-mar is an established thirty year reality in the Industry of the natural stone.
Thanks to the continuous propensity to the investment in the productive processes and in the human resources,
succeeds and provides products and services with a high degree personalization.
In 1960 the brilliant employer Mario Mella decides to devote his career to the natural stone with a multiply of activities. Based on the results obtained during the years, in 1970 he founded a sawmill for marble and granite , the M.G.M. , thanks to his experience luggage and to the growth of the market, in 1985 he founded “Granimar “ in which he decided to invest energies and capitals. He was a man with a strong personality, rare insight and tireless worker, he left us with living and present memories. After his untimely passing, his son brought forth his father’s mission with pride, for the last 23 years Giuseppe Mella successfully leads the Company with the skill his father handed down. In the years between 1990 to 2000, the Company expands its production: it starts producing half- finished products either in marble and granite, although the Company’s core business is the sales of slabs of marble and granite. In 2003 is required a broadening of the spaces, this is realized by moving to its current location. From 2003 until now Grani-mar invested in resources, either technical and human, to expand their markets mainly to national and European standards. With a potential production of almost half a million mq. Annually, the Company is competent to absorb significant workloads, without affecting the quality of its products and services.